The Role of Physics and Practical Experiments in Preschool

Did you know that even our youngest learners at Excelled Montessori are becoming mini-scientists? Every week, they dive into the exciting world of physics through super fun experiments that make learning a blast!

What is Physics?

Physics is like magic! It helps us understand how things around us work. It tells us why balls bounce and why we fall down instead of floating up. Every time we play with our toys or watch water pour out of a cup, we’re learning physics. It’s all about asking, ‘What will happen if I do this?’ and then watching to see what happens. It’s really fun to discover all these things by playing! It’s a fun part of STEM, which includes science, technology, engineering, and math.

Why We Love Starting STEM Early:

Physics Fun at Our School:

Montessori Meets Physics:

Benefits of Introducing Physics and STEM to Preschoolers

Introducing physics and STEM to preschoolers isn’t just fun—it’s a smart move too! Here’s why it’s super cool to get the little ones started on STEM early, with a dash of research to back it up: