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At Excelled Montessori, we are dedicated to crafting an enriching learning environment that prepares our young learners for both academic success and life's diverse challenges. Our comprehensive curriculum, edScription, harmoniously integrates the Montessori method, Reggio Emilia approach, inquiry-based learning, and other innovative personalized instructional strategies. This rich blend ensures the holistic development of each child, fostering independent thinkers, problem solvers, and lifelong learners. 

Core Components of edScription Curriculum:

Montessori Method: Emphasizing self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play, the Montessori philosophy in edScription encourages children to make creative choices in their learning journey, fostering independence, concentration, and a profound love for learning.

Reggio Emilia Approach: Respecting each child as strong, capable, and resilient is the essence of the Reggio Emilia component in edScription. Our curriculum emphasizes exploration, expression, and discovery, valuing the child as the central figure of their learning journey and the environment as a key facilitator.

Inquiry-Based Learning: edScription deeply embeds inquiry-based learning, encouraging children to explore, question, and discover. This approach nurtures natural curiosity and develops critical thinking skills, enabling students to become active participants in their learning process, continuously seeking knowledge and understanding.

Inclusive Instructional Strategies: Our curriculum incorporates a wide array of instructional strategies to cater to diverse learning styles and needs. This holistic approach ensures that children grasp concepts deeply, engage in critical thinking, and apply their knowledge creatively in various real-world contexts.

edScription’s Goals at Excelled Montessori:

Comprehensive School Readiness: edScription lays a robust foundation in key academic and life skills areas. Our curriculum ensures that children are not only ready for school but are also equipped with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for lifelong success.

Life Skill Development: Beyond academics, edScription emphasizes the growth of life skills. We focus on nurturing independence, resilience, and social-emotional intelligence, ensuring that each child is prepared to navigate life's challenges with confidence and adaptability.

Inquiry and Problem-Solving Mastery: Our curriculum cultivates an environment where inquiry is the norm, and learning is driven by curiosity and discovery. Children learn to analyze, synthesize, and apply knowledge, transforming them into adept problem solvers and innovative thinkers.

An All-Inclusive Learning Experience:

At Excelled Montessori, "all-inclusive" extends beyond our educational approach. Our tuition encompasses a comprehensive array of programs designed to enrich the learning experience:

Language Acquisition: Spanish language instruction opens doors to new cultures and enhances cognitive development.

Musical Expression: Music classes foster creativity, improve memory, and build discipline.

Physical and Mental Wellness: Yoga sessions promote physical health, mental clarity, and emotional tranquility.

STEM Integration: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) activities encourage critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving.

Entrepreneurial Thinking: Entrepreneurship education instills leadership, financial literacy, and an innovative mindset.

Metassori: Exposure to technology and artificial intelligence through the Metassori program ensures that children are not just consumers of technology but also savvy creators.

Movement and Motor Skills Lab: Understanding the importance of physical development, our Movement and Motor Skills Lab focuses on enhancing gross and fine motor skills, coordination, and balance. Through a variety of fun and engaging activities, children develop physical confidence, body awareness, and a love for an active lifestyle.

At Excelled Montessori, our all-encompassing approach ensures that every child feels valued, understood, and supported in their educational journey. edScription is not just a curriculum; it's a pathway to nurturing future leaders, thinkers, and innovators. Join us on this transformative journey where education is not just about acquiring knowledge, but about creating a brighter, more inclusive future. 

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Curiosity is the Key: 

Inspiring Inquiry-Based Learning in the Classroom

What is Inquiry-Based Learning?

Inquiry-based learning is a teaching approach that focuses on engaging students in hands-on, interactive, and collaborative activities that allow them to explore and investigate real-world problems and questions. It is based on the idea that learning is an active process and that students are more likely to retain and understand new information when actively discovering and exploring it for themselves. Inquiry-based learning lessons plans from the classroom.